From your child's first lesson to their graduation performance, Elevate is the place for your child to experience music!  Piano is the perfect instrument to start with, if you or your child have an interest in music, but aren't sure where to begin.  Our piano students study a combination of technique, theory, repertoire, sight reading, and ear trainingto help develop them into a well-rounded musician.  In addition to playing for their own enjoyment, many of our piano students play at their churches, in worship band, for events, and accompany vocalists.  Whatever your goal, we are here to help you meet it!  Piano students also have the option to participate in Jr Festival eachMarch, sponsored by the Georgia Federation of Music Clubs.  

  • Contact us to schedule a FREE Trial Lesson
  • Highly trained teachers with various performance backgrounds
  • Ability to schedule siblings in other instruments or classes at the same time
  • 2 FREE Concerts per season


Music students are given the opportunity to showcase what they've learned by performing in our two music concerts each season.  These concerts are optional, but encouraged, as they help students build confidence in their abilities.  Our Spring Music Concert also includes an awards presentation at the end, recognizing students for all their achievements over the course of the season.

Parent Involvement:

Teachers agree that the long term success of your child in music largely depends on parent involvement. Though parents do not need to sit with their child during every practice minute, they do need to arrange when practice will happen and ensure it does. A regular practice schedule provides your child with the structure necessary to progress in their music ability.

Makeup Lessons:

Since we are holding your time slot for only you, we do not provide refunds for lessons that are missed.  We understand that emergencies and illness arise, so we offer two make up lessons per season.  If you have to miss for another reason, we ask that 24 hours notice be given.  If advance notice is given, we will do our best to reschedule the lesson that will be missed that same week.